When we think about secondary glazing, we have images of being wrapped up inside trying to stay warm in the freezing cold winter. There is a myriad of benefits when it comes to secondary glazing. Not only is it one of the cheapest ways to make your warmer, but it also makes your home more efficient.

But, we don’t really pay much attention to the benefits of having secondary glazing in your home in the summer. Is there even any benefits?
Actually, yes!

Let’s have a look at 4 reasons why secondary glazing is a good idea for your home in the summer:

Great for hay fever sufferers
Old windows can be plagued with cracks that allow microscopic allergens and pollen into your home. Secondary glazing acts like a barrier to stop any particles of pollen from entering.

Reducing the heat of the sun
Secondary glazing is well known for its ability to retain heat, after all, that’s one of the main reasons why people buy it. However, it can also keep your home cooler in the summer through convection. As there is a space between your window and our secondary glazing, in summer, one side of the glass becomes hotter, this heat energy is unable to pass through the empty space on the other side, since there are far fewer particles through which to transfer the energy.

Eliminating UV rays
Have you ever wondered why your carpet has faded in certain areas? Or why your sofa cushions are lighter than the sides of the sofa?
Double glazing and single glazing that was installed before 2003 will allow large amounts of UV rays to enter your home. This can damage and fade your carpets, wallpaper, artwork and furniture over time. Think of secondary glazing as sunblock for your interior.

Summer holidays are the perfect time to get away and relax. But this is a prime time for burglars to strike. You’ll be able to relax on holiday knowing that your home is more secure thanks to secondary glazing. It provides an additional barrier that will be tough to move and should act as more of a deterrent for any burglars.

Peace and quiet
When summer comes and the sun is shining, people usually get their BBQs out and invite all their friends around. This can often be quite an annoyance when you are trying to have a summertime snooze in the afternoon. But secondary glazing can reduce noise levels by up to 50 decibels, so you can block out the noises from your neighbours and busy streets in the summer.

To conclude; It’s safe to say that the benefits of secondary glazing are abundant at all times of the year. There’s no need to wait around until Autumn or Winter to make the decision to install secondary glazing. Give our team a call to discuss the options, no matter what the weather.