Unfortunately, through social media, news stories and word of mouth, most of us hear terrible stories of residential break-ins at least once a week. Hearing these stories is always scary and serves as an unnerving reminder that we are all potential victims of this horrific type of crime.

Secondary glazing is a product that can provide the homeowner with a high level of property security without the visual issues many alternative security solutions can have.

The product is able to create an additional barrier of protection from inside the property that can deter even the most persevering burglar.

If you are looking for ways to improve the security of your home, to protect high-value paperwork, items and of course your family, secondary glazing could be the ideal solution for you.

General Benefits

  • Preventing And Deterring Potential Burglars
  • Preventing Debris And Dirt Getting Into The Property
  • Providing A Secondary Entry Barrier
  • Providing Invisible Security, An Attractive Alternative To Grilles
  • Normalising Exterior Noise Levels

Main Security Risks for Properties

With the continual reports of burglaries across the country, it makes sense that many of us are taking the time to understand the risks to our home security. Statistics show that a massive 81% of all crime between 2011/2012 was property crime, which is a huge 7.7 million incidents in the UK (source). Although the incidents have dropped by half since the ’90s, statistics prove there’s still a long way to go when it comes to crime prevention. In particular, the figures show that homeowners can do a lot to improve security at their property. In an article about burglaries by the Office of National Statistics, the organisation stated:

“The level of home security is the key factor in determining the likelihood of burglary victimisation. Analysis of the 2011/12 CSEW shows that 6% of households with no or less than basic home security were victims of burglary in the previous 12 months compared with 1% of households with basic or enhanced security” Source

Statistics also show planned burglaries are on the decrease, but opportunist burglaries are on the rise. So properties with single glazing or outdated glazing are easy targets for burglars, making those types of properties exceptionally vulnerable.

A burglary can be incredibly devastating for the entire family. As well as the financial cost of having high-value items stolen, the emotional cost can be huge. Sentimental items may be lost and often those dwelling in the home struggle to feel secure and comfortable in their home again for a long time following the break-in.

Areas of the Property Most Vulnerable Are:

  • Original Sash Windows
  • Old Double Glazing
  • Windows Out Of View From Surrounding Properties
  • Ground Floor Windows At The Rear Of The Property
  • Smaller Bathroom Windows
  • Original French Doors
  • Double Glazing With Clip-Over Handles
  • Traditional Patio Doors With Single Lock Security

How Secondary Glazing Can Help

Secondary glazing can help increase property security by providing a second window placed behind the one already installed. They are particularly useful when you want to improve the security of your property but are unable to, or don’t want to replace the existing windows which might not be as secure as they could be.

Secondary glazing is also a great alternative to bars or grilles which look unsightly and can be seen clearly from outside the property and can obstruct views from the inside the property.

Secondary glazing provides a second barrier to entry. It prevents lock manipulation and the damage or removal of the glass. It also resists cutting tools used which are commonly used in break-ins. It is also worth noting that it provides an important delay, where the intruder has to first break the exterior window before then attacking the secondary glazing, which provides time for any alarms to be activated or homeowners to be alerted to the attack.

Secondary Glazing Helps Prevent Break-ins By;

  • Providing a secondary window that is nearly impossible to open from outside the property
  • Providing an extra physical barrier to intruders
  • Providing frames that are extremely strong and resistant to force
  • Providing laminated glass which even if damaged or shattered will stay in one piece and stay attached to the frame
  • Providing secure, internally operated locks
  • Providing the ability to partially open a sash window and lock it in that position

Is Secondary Glazing The Ideal Security Solution For Your Property?

Whether you have a listed property that needs additional security without removing the windows, or you’re simply looking to increase your property security with the many benefits secondary glazing brings, it’s certainly worth looking into so you can protect your family and possessions and stop your property being one of the 7.7 million annual burglary statistics in the UK.

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