Horizontal Sliding Windows

The most versatile of all the styles available, horizontal sliding windows (side-to-side sliding) can be manufactured with 2, 3 or 4 sliding panels.

This style of secondary glazing is a perfect match for Crittal windows. The individual sliding panels slide with immense ease, allowing unobstructed access to the external windows.

All our windows sections are made of aluminium, powder-coated white as standard. Frames can however be customised to a different colour or finish to match the surrounding décor.

This style of window is available in two different systems:

  1. Slimline, residential sliding system
  2. Heavy-duty, commercial sliding system

1. Slim line, residential sliding system:

This is our most popular system and has been specifically designed to sit well with period windows. The aluminium profile is very slim, making sure the secondary glazing blends in perfectly with the external windows.

This system can house glass up to and as thick as 6.4mm. If your primary concern is thermal insulation, this system is perfect.

If your concern is sound reduction, this system is equally as effective – 97% of all our projects for sound reduction are manufactured and installed using this slim system.

2. Heavy-duty, commercial sliding system:

Every so often, we are introduced to a project that warrants something a little different.

Perhaps the windows are unusually large or the noise is so severe that our surveyors realize that the normal, slimline system will not offer the client the best solution.

In these instances, we will look at proposing our heavier, commercial system.

This system is quite specialized and in the past few years, has become increasingly popular.

The profile is of course deeper, but what makes this system special, is it can house a much larger range of glass thicknesses and or be double-glazed.

Of course, this system is substantially more expensive than conventional secondary glazing, but if the property or problem warrants this system as a solution, we will offer it to clients.

Please feel free to contact a member of our team if you would like any more information.