Secondary Glazing Sash Windows (Vertical sliding)

Commonly called “Vertical sliding sash windows” within the industry, sash windows are by far the most common window style. For this reason, of course, our secondary glazing sash-style windows are equally as popular.

Consisting of two panels (top and bottom) that slide up and down, our sash windows are counterbalanced with pre-tensioned springs to hold the weight of the panels.

This enables the window to be opened to any position, also allowing for the panels to be operated with minimal effort.

It is essential for your new secondary glazing to mirror the external windows.

What this means is that the transom bar of the secondary glazing (middle joining bar in the centre of the sash window) needs to be in exactly the same position as that of the primary window.

This way, we ensure that your attention is not drawn to the secondary glazing, and make sure the new windows blend in well within your room.

Although sash windows are the perfect solution in most cases and do sit so well with period windows, they have always had one design flaw.

When the time comes to clean the inside of the secondary glazing, the end user will find it nearly impossible to clean certain areas of the glass.

With London and all its dust, this can look quite unsightly. This is a particular issue if you live in an apartment or office building on a higher floor.

It has taken us many years to find a solution, but we have solved this problem. We have designed a brand new system in-house; EXCLUSIVE only to City Sound with the design owned and protected by us. We have aptly called this new sash system the “Easy Clean Sash”.

Please keep in mind that other companies will not be able to offer this system.

Benefits of this new, EASY CLEAN system:

  • Slim profile that sits beautifully against period windows and will (as before) blend in perfectly against primary sash windows.
  • A sliding system that sits securely within the master frame, ensuring a perfect seal for optimal noise reduction and thermal insulation.
  • A system that is easily cleaned, with no more dirty areas that draw attention to your new secondary glazing.

All our windows sections are made of aluminium, powder-coated white as standard. Frames can however be customised to a different colour or finish to match the surrounding décor.

We also offer a heavier secondary system, which can house thicker glass and or be double-glazed. This is a very specialized system, so please contact us for further information.