Fixed Lift Out

An alternative to screw-fixed units, fixed lift-out windows have a removable glass panel that can be easily lifted out of the master frame to facilitate access to the external windows.

This style of window is often used on external windows that are very rarely used or in air-conditioned offices where cleaning between the windows needs to be facilitated.

Lift-out windows are also a very popular alternative to bay windows.

Most people only ever use the middle sash window in a bay for ventilation, so we often suggest mimicking the middle window with a secondary sash window but having lift-out windows for the smaller, side windows.

This keeps the overall style symmetrical and keeps the cost down as well.

Lift-out windows are easy to operate, merely lifting the glass panel, using the lift bar at the bottom, up into the master frame. The panel can then be swung inwards and removed completely.

All our windows sections are made of aluminium, powder-coated white as standard. Frames can however be customised to a different colour or finish to match the surrounding décor.