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Residential Clients

We offer the highest performance, minimalistic secondary glazing the industry has to offer. Dealing direct with the manufacturer ensures unbeatable value and superior quality. We are a flexible, accommodating company, that values customer service like no other.

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Commercial Projects

Whether it is a large-scale project (hotels, extensive commercial office refurbishments etc.), or a smaller, more specialist application – we approach each commercial project (from architect to main contractor phase) with the same high standards and timely execution

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Trade Supplier

Due to our volume of manufacture and impeccable quality control, we are able to offer trade clients (on a supply only basis) a 40% discount on all enquiries, making us London’s most competitive trade supplier of secondary glazing.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing can reduce noise by up to 80% and once fitted is hardly visible. It can also reduce your heating consumption dramatically, making your property more environmentally friendly.

City Sound has been serving London’s community since 1968.  Recognized for our superior level of workmanship and impeccable after-sales service, we are still very much a family-run company that has been passed down through the generations.

Very passionate about who we are, where we have come from and what we do, you can be assured of the highest level of expertise and service from us all.

We welcome projects from both residential clients and the commercial sector. Most of our work is focused within London and the M25, but we welcome enquiries for larger projects all over the country.

Our core clientèle are those seeking a high-end service with first-class products. Our level of training and performance is tailored to suit the demands of this particular market.

Modern living in one of the world’s most exciting cities has its drawbacks. London, with all it glory, is a very busy, noisy city and trying to live a comfortable, quiet life often seems impossible.

Secondary glazing is by far the most effective way of excluding environmental noise, making your office or home noticeably more serene.

A further application of secondary glazing is thermal insulation and complete draught exclusion.  Old, single glazed windows are notorious for letting all the heat escape, resulting in unpleasant cold spots and very expensive heating bills during the long British winters.

Recent assignments include:

  • Shell-Mex House (Sir Robert McAlpine)
  • The Howard de Walden Estate
  • Liberty London
  • The Crown Estate
  • Grosvenor Estate
  • Honourable Society of Middle Temple
  • Waterstones (Piccadilly)
  • Order of St John’s
  • BP Environmental Head Office
  • Tate Britain
  • The Walbrook – Member & Private Club
  • Westminster County Hall
  • National Health Service
  • St Mary’s Hospital
  • Oxford University
  • Queen Mary University of London
City Sound Secondary Glazing Professional secondary glazing specialists you can rely on

Professional secondary glazing specialists, you can rely on

Secondary glazing requires the installation of a new, fully functional and independent secondary window that will be fitted on the inside of a property (usually within the window surround that house the primary, external windows).

We can deal with all types of window styles (including Victorian Sash windows and Crittal windows), which might look beautiful but allow enormous amounts of noise, cold and dirt in from outside.

Our unique design mirrors the structure of your existing primary windows so that the secondary glazing is hardly visible once installed.

We offer a 12-year guarantee on all workmanship and materials. Just remember, we have been here for almost 50 years – so you are assured we will be here for the next 12 years to honour our guarantee to you.

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London’s Expert Secondary Glazier

Secondary glazing involves a fully independent internal window being fitted onto the inside of the existing primary window.

Using secondary glazing brings about many benefits, including acoustic insulation and thermal insulation as well as notable reductions in pollution and condensation.

They also help to keep homes and buildings more secure, eco-efficient, and most importantly, cost-efficient.

City Sound Glazing work with virtually every window type and shape including bay, picture, sash, arched and casement windows.

We also work with doors and unusually shaped windows. We have extensive portfolio of clients, encompassing residential clients, heritage buildings, churches, hotels and commercial offices.

Each of our quality secondary glazing units is uniquely designed and bespoke to our client.

It is unobtrusive, and all of our clients remark how you can barely see it is there. The secondary glazing is also reversible and easily accessible for ventilation and cleaning.

All of our clients are pleased to know that we never compromise on the quality of the secondary glazing we use.

Manufactured from sustainable sources, our units are also fully recyclable.

Contact us for further information on our company and how you can benefit from the use of secondary glazing in your home, business or building.

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