There could be any number of reasons why you might be considering updating and improving the windows in your home or business. Perhaps the heating bills are continuing to creep up year after year. Or the noise from next door has finally proven too much. You might even be aiming to add value to your existing property.

You might be looking for alternatives to double glazing that could prove cheaper, more efficient or even suitable for listed or period properties. Secondary glazing may well be exactly what you’re after.

So what exactly is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing refers to the addition of a separate and supplementary pane of glass to the interior of an existing single glazed window, as opposed to a completely new double-paned installation that would be required for a double glazed window.

Secondary glazing can provide an excellent alternative to double glazing with a number of useful benefits.

Cost and installation of secondary glazing

Secondary glazing most certainly takes the top spot in this regard. Significantly cheaper and much less intrusive to install, you can be confident of value for money and a stress-free upgrade.

Secondary glazing for noise reduction

Noisy neighbours, road noise or other disturbances can prove a real strain on your comfort and wellbeing. Even if you already have double glazing, you might be at your wits end with things that go bump in the night! Reducing noise is heavily dependent on the cavity between two points of contact. With secondary glazing, the two panes act as individual barriers to sound, with the combined impact of a much greater cavity between the two panes than with double glazing. This is one of the greatest benefits of installing secondary glazing as opposed to double glazing. In fact, secondary glazing fitted by a City Sound specialist can achieve up to a 90% reduction in traffic noise, meaning you can sleep easy again.

Secondary glazing for thermal insulation

You will likely of heard wonderful stories about the thermal insulation benefits of double glazing. However, secondary glazing also acts as a powerful thermal barrier to make sure you stay warm in winter and are not paying to heat the back garden!

Secondary glazing as a solution for a period or listed properties

If you own a listed or period property or even have fantastic sash windows, you are likely desperate to retain the beauty and authenticity of your existing windows, but crying out for a solution that will help reduce noise and increase warmth. Secondary glazing is the perfect product to meet your needs. By installing an additional pane of glass on the interior of the window, you will reap all the benefits of extra insulation and protection from noise, but with windows that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Secondary glazing is an effective solution for any number of the above concerns and more. However, if you have any questions and want to find out how secondary glazing could work in your property, our experts at London based City Sound have been installing secondary glazing systems since 1968. We welcome you to call us on 020 8523 3210 to discuss your individual circumstances.

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