Your windows are often a good way to gauge the condition of your home overall. There are a number of tell-tale signs that will reveal whether or not you are in need of an upgrade to improve not only the aesthetic appeal but your overall quality of life.

Windows are typically designed to last anywhere between 15-20 years at a minimum, so if your windows are older it could be time to look into investing in a new set. We’ve put together four common reasons for you to consider when you should have secondary glazing installed in your home.

Improving energy efficiency

Secondary glazing is recognised as being one of the best ways to improve thermal efficiency not only in the room but throughout the entire home. On average, a typical house will lose approximately 10% of its heat through the windows. So it pays to have a window system in place that will retain heat effectively.

If you are experiencing unusually high energy bills during the winter, or even struggling to keep the room warm with the heating turned on, it is probably a good time to look into replacing your windows. Not only will secondary glazing help to create a warmer, cosier home but you will also see a reduction in your bills over time.

Installation before winter

Window companies provide their services all year round but the best time to invest in secondary glazing is during the autumn and early part of winter. This is before the temperature really begins to drop and while the replacements of your windows are taking place you won’t feel the chill coming into your property.

The application of caulk adheres better in the warmer months of the year and while silicone is a good alternative in the winter, the caulk will still need to be warmed before it can be applied. There is also a danger that it could crack and split if the temperature drops too low.

Deteriorating frames

Timber windows are a classic style that adds real character to any window, working especially well in period homes to establish a traditional look to the property. However, one of the biggest problems with wooden frames is their resistance to moisture and they often require a lot of maintenance over time.

When the wood starts to rot and blacken it is usually the beginning of the end for the material. Investing in uPVC windows is an ideal and cost-effective solution that when combined with secondary glazing will last for a minimum of 10-15 years and in many cases even longer.

Room makeover

Windows often stand out as one of the key features in your home and also give an impression of what your home may be like inside. If they are fading or starting to discolour, or just look generally run down, sometimes even a lick of paint won’t be enough to inject some life back into them.

The perfect time to look at replacing your windows is when you are re-decorating a room. While you are creating a new style everywhere it makes sense to add the finishing touch with the windows.