Cleaning windows may not be the most enviable of jobs, but smeared, grimy and grotty windows can be a real draw on the appearance of your home. In addition, condensation can be an unwelcome house guest! There are plenty of hints, tips and tricks to help make cleaning your windows as quick and easy as possible, as well as fighting condensation and the unwelcome grot and grime it can introduce.

Firstly, don’t spread the problem! Make sure you quickly collect any cobwebs, dust or other uninvited eyesores from the window sills, edges and frames before you start on the glass. Otherwise, you will only be spreading these around the windows and dirtying your cloth before you start. A vacuum cleaner can be really helpful here and a cloth wrapped around a screwdriver can be a great trick to reach right to the edges.

If you pick a sunny day to tackle the windows, your cleaner will dry much too quickly and leave you with unwanted smears. A cloudy day is best for this particular chore.

Also, if you find buying specialist glass cleaners an unnecessary expense, you can make your own all-natural cleaners at home. Water mixed with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and white or cider vinegar (about 8x as much water as alcohol and vinegar) will do the job just fine. You can also add a little orange or lemon oil for a welcome fresh scent.

As much as you may keep your windows in top condition, condensation can be a common problem! We’ve got some top tips on how to help prevent condensation in your home:

  • Where possible, try to dry clothes outside or use the tumble dryer
  • When having a shower, cooking or boiling the kettle, keep doors shut to prevent moisture from going into cooler rooms
  • Keep your furniture at least 50mm away from walls to allow proper circulation of air
  • Keeping your home warm inside will help prevent condensation from forming on colder surfaces
  • An extractor or dehumidifier can help significantly reduce levels of moisture in the air

Of course, you might want a longer-term and more convenient means of reducing the condensation of your windows. Secondary glazing can be a great solution! With two separate window panes, an internal seal is formed which allows for proper and balanced air circulation between the two windows. This also allows for better regulation of temperature and stops the internal pane from becoming too cold and condensation forming. This could be a welcome help! Not only this, but secondary glazing can be an effective barrier against noise and help keep warmth in your home. To find out more about the benefits of secondary glazing, please call 020 8523 3210 and speak to one of the expert advisors at City Sound, London’s finest boutique secondary glazing company.

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