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Secondary glazing has some excellent benefits for your home or business. It’s an affordable solution that not only provides energy savings and better thermal insulation but is also great for reducing noise.

If you’re looking for ways to lower the noise levels in your building or unit, secondary glazing offers one of the best methods you can use. With secondary glazing, you can benefit from a significant reduction in noise, compared to cheaper and more temporary solutions that won’t be as effective.

Secondary glazing is designed to offer an extra level of protection to existing windows. It is often used to turn single-glazed windows into double-glazed windows, but that’s not the only use for it.

Around a third of the secondary glazing that the City Sound team fits is installed in windows that are already double-glazed. Many people choose this solution to provide additional soundproofing, especially in new build homes where the windows don’t offer efficient protection.

The Problem with Modern Double Glazing

Buying a new build home can be an exciting thing to do, but too many people move into their new home only to find that there are certain problems. Of course, some teething problems are to be expected when you first move into any home, but it’s disappointing when your new home is brand new or relatively new.

It could be the quality of the windows themselves or the quality of the installation, but it can leave you having to hear traffic and all kinds of noise outside. And you could be worrying about whether people outside can hear you when you’re in.

Developers are not necessarily keeping soundproofing in mind when planning new homes. They want to build as efficiently as possible, which can involve cutting a few corners. Fortunately, poorly insulated double glazing can be mitigated through secondary glazing.

How Secondary Glazing Can Help

Secondary glazing is a high-quality solution for anyone experiencing problems with noise leakage in their home or business. It can help to filter out noise from traffic, passersby, trains and other public transport, and more.

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Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence

Not all secondary glazing will be as effective as the next, however. At City Sound, we always make sure to install our secondary glazing as effectively as possible to give you the best results.

We ensure there’s an adequate cavity gap between the primary window and secondary window, which helps to provide a higher level of noise reduction.

Although people often assume that double glazing will do the job, secondary glazing provides much better protection against external noise.

City Sound can help you to reduce noise levels by 70-80% using our aluminium product and our installation methods. Some of our customers achieve a reduction in noise levels of up to 90%, allowing them to create a much quieter, more peaceful environment.

Secondary glazing is not just suitable for new homes. Historic England recommends secondary glazing for period properties too. It allows the original windows to be retained, which is often a requirement for listed buildings while improving their performance.

They recommend the use of secondary glazing on older single-glazed windows, suggesting that a noise reduction of 45 decibels could be achieved with a gap of 100mm between the two panes of glass.

Reduce Multiple Types of Noise

Secondary glazing can be used to address different types of noise. Noise pollution from traffic and busy roads is one of the most common types of noise that people want to reduce in their homes and businesses.

The sound of traffic rushing past isn’t pleasant, especially if you live on a particularly busy road. Secondary glazing can block out the sound of traffic to bring you some peace and quiet.

It can also reduce other outside noise, including the sound of aircraft flying overhead in some cases. You can also reduce noise from people walking past, street works, and other sounds that could filter through your windows.

The noise reduction offered by secondary glazing also offers the benefit of helping you to maintain privacy. While you can hear less from outside, you can also help to ensure anyone outside can’t hear you inside.

So whether you’re conducting a private business meeting or just don’t want anyone to know what you’re watching on TV, secondary glazing could help you.

Secondary glazing reduces noise by providing an extra layer of protection for your windows. City Sound will install reliable secondary glazing that gives you the quiet and privacy that you’re looking for in your home or business. Get in touch to find out more about how our secondary glazing can help.