Whatever type of property you live in, ensuring you have complete privacy is always a high priority. Our windows provide the only way for others to see inside our homes and for those with nearby neighbours or positioned at street level it makes sense to find a window dressing that ensures privacy without plunging you into darkness.

The good news is there are a number of options available that are both affordable and stylish, keeping the outside world firmly away from your home. We’ve picked out some of the best window dressings for privacy below.


A window dressing that has been around for centuries, shutters offer a touch of class and style to any room in the house. They are seen as one of the most secure treatments you can purchase because of the level of control they provide. With the simple twist of the tilt rod, the slats can be completely closed or adjusted to allow the level of light that suits you best.

They come in a wide range of styles, including plantation, louvre, café and more, and can be purchased in almost any colour to suit the interior décor. Choose between MDF and wooden shutters which are also available to suit windows that are not of the standard size or shape.

Roller blinds

Similar to shutters, roller blinds come in an array of styles and colours and the extra advantage they offer is affordability. A type becoming ever more popular are blackout blinds which are ideal for bedrooms, blocking out the early morning sun and keeping the interior of your home completely private from any prying eyes.

Roller blinds can either be bought in standard sizes or made to measure if your windows are slightly larger or smaller than normal. The choice of colours and fabrics is almost never-ending so it won’t prove difficult to find one that not only suits the room but also improves privacy without comprising too much on natural daylight.

Window film

While window films are most commonly found in bathrooms they can also be used anywhere you need in the home. This cost-effective choice has no limitation on the designs and patterns available so it is easy to find one that fits in without becoming an eyesore in the room.

Frosted window films provide the best of worlds, enabling natural light to still enter while improving your privacy. If you are not a homeowner and renting a flat or house, then a window film is a good solution that is easily installed and removed without creating any issues the landlord might not approve of.

Voiles and nets

This is more of a traditional method that may be best suited to homes featuring a vintage or classic interior designs, although longer versions of this material that reach down to the floor can be adaptable enough to work in a contemporary scheme.

Voiles and nets are still easily found in most commercial furnishing outlets and whether opting for a plain or floral design they will make the room more privacy while still allowing plenty of daylight to come inside. They are typically hung across a rod resting on small metal hooks screwed into the wall, or for a more stylish look, a curtain pole is a great alternative.