Most modern homeowners may be under the impression that double glazing is the only way to meet the demands expected of their windows. However, secondary glazing may be a less well-known technique but can prove more effective, cheaper and less obtrusive than double glazing.

There may be a number of factors to take into consideration when making the decision to upgrade your windows. You may be looking to enhance thermal efficiency, reduce obtrusive noise or increase security. Below you will find a number of the key benefits of secondary glazing, to assist in making the decision of how best to upgrade your windows.

  1. Reduces Noise
    Secondary glazing is the process of adding a secondary, supplementary glass pane alongside the existing window. This process, by allowing an adequate gap between the two separate panes, means that secondary glazing is far superior in reducing noise pollution when compared to double glazing.
  2.  Improves thermal efficiency
    With the threat of increasing energy bills and the typical cooler weather in the UK, ensuring that you retain all the warmth in your home can be a key incentive for upgrading your windows. Secondary glazing, not only helps keep warmth in your home, but contributes towards a reduction in any of the chilly air outside from making its way in.
  3. Enhances security
    By introducing a completely separate and additional window pane, you make it much more difficult for intruders to break into your home.
  4. Better value for money
    Secondary glazing is typically much cheaper than double glazing!
  5. Convenient installation
    Not only is secondary glazing typically cheaper than double glazing, but it is also a much quicker and less obtrusive installation process; as the existing window panes do not require replacement.
  6. Condensation control
    By introducing two separate window panes, an internal seal is formed, allowing proper, balanced air circulation. In addition, this equates to better temperature regulation, to prevent the internal pane from becoming too cold, which can be a common cause of condensation.
  7. Listed building
    Secondary glazing can also be the perfect solution for those who live in listed or period properties – as you can retain your existing characterful and protected windows, but enjoy all the benefits listed above!