Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Andy from City Sound secondary glazing and I’m going to be talking to you a little bit about condensation.

So, period windows, Crittall windows, wooden windows they suffer from condensation which can be a real nuisance because all the moisture sits on the window you don’t have a clear view anymore you know it can actually start to attack the wood or the metal and which is an annoying problem to have.

So, simply secondary glazing will add as an insulation so the window will no longer be the coldest point. So, you’ll still have the moisture in the building but it won’t be going to your window it will be you know going somewhere else basically and hopefully not causing you any problems.

I would always recommend that you do secondary glazing you always ventilate the room out every couple of days just to just to get rid of that moisture because we all let off a lot of moisture.

Drying clothes in the room is never good although sometimes it’s the only option, but secondly glazing it’s no big story really you fix the window to the original window and therefore the glass is not freezing cold because it’s on the inside of the room so the moisture will not go there so that will protect your window.

If you’ve got air bricks in the room, obviously the moisture will go there and hopefully, it will go out of the building but secondary glazing normally eradicates condensation or it would reduce it by ninety per cent but like I say always ventilate your room.