CitySound Limited (CitySound) is a manufacturer and installer of bespoke secondary glazing. This a service offered to residential clients, small to large commercial projects, and also to the trade on a supply-only basis.

Secondary glazing can reduce noise by up to 80% and once fitted is hardly visible. It can also reduce your heating consumption dramatically, making your property more environmentally friendly.

The installation of secondary glazing involves a fully independent internal window being fitted on to the inside of the existing primary window.

Modern living in London, one of the world’s most exciting cities, can have its drawbacks. London, with all its glory, is a very busy, noisy city where quiet life often seems impossible. This, coupled with the fact that more and more people are working from home has created a very strong desire for the quieter life.

To this end, CitySound has been serving London’s community since 1968 and is recognised for its superior level of workmanship and impeccable after-sales service – qualities that come from being a family-run company that has been passed down through generations. “No matter how much we grow, we will always keep our family feel,” a spokesperson for the firm explains. “And that is to be personal, flexible, accommodating, and understanding. We always try to find solutions to situations, and we do not believe in misleading anyone, we just provide honest facts and professional feedback.”

It is these ‘human’ traits and the transparent approach which differentiates CitySound from competitors and marks it out as the obvious choice for potential clients. In fact, the firm actually started life as simply an installer of secondary glazing, however it took on the enormous task of moving into the manufacture of its own products in 2014 – after experiencing quality control issues from its suppliers.

“We just couldn’t justify offering people sub-standard products,” the spokesperson elaborates. “And since opening our factory and manufacturing our own glazing, life has changed incredibly.”

This wasn’t the only challenge that CitySound has faced over the years; the company has experienced issues with ‘break-away’ companies which have often been small and unreliable. “The offers they have seem good online but, of course, we know our competitors. These smaller companies undercut quotes, drag the whole industry down in price and then they cannot service their orders and guarantees, ultimately casting a shadow on all of us.”

Now the company is going from strength-to-strength, organically growing its online presence and continually getting outstanding online reviews. CitySound even has its foot in the door with several large commercial companies.

Of course, whilst knowing one’s products and the personal touch goes a long way, it is also imperative that the correct protocols and qualifications are in place, and CitySound doesn’t disappoint. All health and safety regulations are kept up to date, with insurance policies in place, continual staff training and full-qualified and experienced staff to boot… meaning customers are not simply getting a fabulous service, they are also getting complete peace of mind in the company’s technical abilities.

Recently, the firm was nominated in the UK Enterprise Awards for its hard work. It has been rewarded by achieving the prestigious title of Best Secondary Glazing Contractor 2022 – London, something that the company is extremely proud of.

This achievement can be attributed to CitySound’s dedication and commitment to ensuring that it keeps it standards high and its customer service exceptional.

“The standard of work, and the aftersales care, is the same no matter who the client is,” the spokesperson shares. “A multi-million-pound property will receive exactly the same level of attention and devotion as a rental studio flat.”

And it’s not all about great customer service, it’s about a strong and inclusive internal culture that is also paramount to the successful running of a business. CitySound has this covered too, by ensuring that good communication is kept between employees at all times. It ensures that team members are known on a personal level, and that strengths and weaknesses are known – with the work being adapted accordingly. As well as regular team meetings, and social gatherings, people are also given time to relax so that a good work/life balance can be both attained and maintained.

Now, the future is looking very bright indeed for CitySound and growth is most definitely on the cards. The commercial sector is expanding, with more products being added into the manufacture process, however the core focus will always remain on leaving customers happy with the level of service they have received. Of course, CitySound also aims to leave them delighted with the end product.

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