Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Andy for City Sound Secondary Glazing and I’m going to be talking to you today about thermal insulation. How does secondary glazing improve the thermal insulation?

It’s quite simple really, you probably have old period windows maybe Crittall windows, maybe sash windows. There’s air coming in, all around the surroundings of the original window.

They were made many years ago and the nature of wood, it’s going to expand it’s going to shrink and it’s going to leave lots of leakage around the surround. So, secondary glazing basically just cuts out all the draught in a sense, if you’ve got a number of windows or just one window it’s almost like you’ve got air conditioning switched on there’s a permanent cold airflow coming into the room.

So, if you put on secondary glazing it will stop that cold airflow and the impact will be dramatic. You’ll probably have to turn your heating down. If you have heating that comes on at a certain time in the morning and goes off at night, you’ll come home one day from work and it will be too hot and you’ll have to open up a window.

So, secondary glazing is dramatic on period windows. Full stop.

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