Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Andy from City Sound Secondary Glazing and today we’re going to be talking about noise reduction. How do I get good noise reduction on my period windows?

So, basically, it’s quite simple. We would treat the original window with secondary glazing that would match the original one. If it is a sash window that opens up and down we’d put a sash window in front. If it would be a say a Crittall window which pushes out we would normally put a slider to match the existing lines.

Now, the bigger the cavity… You’ve probably heard of this, “the bigger the cavity, the better the soundproofing” but that’s not to forget the aesthetics of the windows that are sitting in your reveal.

The idea is we don’t just get a cavity and then ruin the look of your windows, we balance cavity with aesthetics.

So what I would say is around 100mm that’s where it all starts that’s where you start to get the big noise reduction of around about 60%-70%. So getting a 100mm cavity is key. Once you go up to 150mm-200mm you get around the 80% noise reduction mark. So, the cavity is king for soundproofing.

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