You may have come across the concept of secondary glazing whilst looking for a solution to your window problems, or perhaps looking to upgrade. But as a less renowned alternative to double glazing, you may be wondering if it is the best solution for you. That is why we have pulled together a handful of frequently asked questions to help address any of your queries or concerns.

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing is an alternative to double glazing, whereby an additional supplementary pane of glass is installed alongside another single glazed pane of glass.

Will secondary glazing keep my home warmer?

Yes, secondary glazing is very effective at retaining warmth in your home.

What if I struggle with noise pollution from outside? Will secondary glazing help soundproof my home?

Secondary glazing is a very good barrier against unwanted noise, in fact considerably more effective than double glazing. The independent planes of glass, with a slightly wider space between them act as a protection against any manner of noise which may be bothering you, be it traffic or even noisy neighbours.

What about if I live in a period or listed property?

Secondary glazing is the perfect solution for those who want to upgrade their windows but want to retain the character and charm their existing windows afford their home. By introducing the addition of a supplementary pane of glass inside of the existing windows, all the benefits such as noise reduction and heat retention can be enjoyed, without affecting the appearance and charm of your period windows.

Can I use secondary glazing with my sash windows?

Secondary glazing can be a solution for all manner of window styles, including sliding, fixed and casement. Sash windows are an incredibly popular style and can of course benefit from the installation of secondary glazing. A good installer will always ensure the secondary glazing panes exactly match the external windows, so they maintain their attractive appearance.

Is secondary glazing expensive?

Secondary glazing is a very cost effective means of upgrading your windows. Not only is it cheaper, but much less intrusive to install when installed by a professional.

Will secondary glazing help protect my home?

Not only will secondary glazing help protect your home from the elements and from unwanted noise, but it can offer an increased level of security. With the additional of a further separate window behind the existing one, you introduce an added layer of protection and complication to deter possible thieves.

It is evident that secondary glazing can offer the perfect solution to a number of challenges and we do hope this short set of FAQs has helped answer any questions you may have. However, if you have further questions, or would like personalised advice on how secondary glazing could work for you, the expert advisors at City Sound are only too happy to help. Please do give us a call on 020 8523 3210