Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Andy from City Sound Secondary Glazing and I’m going to give you a rough guide on cost of secondary glazing. I say rough but it’s actually quite accurate.

So if we take for example a sash window that goes up and down and there’s thousands or even millions of them here in London you’re probably looking at about £500 plus the VAT.That’s for soundproofing, if it’s for heat insulation you’re probably looking at about £450 because the glass is a little bit cheaper.

Side to side sliding which are very widely used on crittall windows which are freezing cold windows and they let in a lot of noise. Again, you’re probably looking at about £450 for a thermal window and about £500 for a sound proofing window so it’s pretty much around the £450-£500 mark. If they’re large windows they might go up to say £600.

So, I hope this gives you a rough idea on the cost of secondary glazing side to side sliding and up and down sashes.