Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Andy from City Sound and I’m going to be talking about secondary glazing on bay windows.

It’s quite a simple one, the layout of a bay normally consists of a window in the middle and a window to the left and a window to the right. Now, how we would normally treat that… For example, just say you have a sash window in the middle a sash window on the left and a sash window on the right. Normally, one or two of these windows won’t open so you won’t necessarily want sash windows on all of them as they are an expensive window.

So you might for example stick a sash window in the middle which opens up and down for your ventilation and you might put say a lift out left and right which obviously you won’t be able to open, you will be able to lift it out for cleaning or decorating.

Obviously, we need to make it look nice we need to make the bay look original because bays are very very beautiful and we need to think carefully on the aesthetical impact of the secondary glazing but here at City Sound that is what we pride ourselves on so feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll take it from there!