Windows are an integral part of the home. They let in light, provide crucial ventilation and a means to look out and enjoy your surroundings. Although they are a functional and necessary part of any house, they can also be an aesthetic element of your home to be proud of. No picturesque thatched cottage would be complete without period style leaded windows, or townhouse without the customary sashed bay windows to sit in and watch the world go by.

However, updating, replacing and modernising your windows can be a time-intensive and costly exercise. You might adore your existing windows, but want to consider updating them to improve thermal performance, reduce noise pollution or perhaps provide additional security for peace of mind. You might be under the impression secondary glazing is a last resort for those obliged to maintain the historical integrity of period properties. But it can in fact be a personally tailored and cost-effective means of addressing your concerns without sacrificing the look of your treasured windows.

Below is a breakdown of some of the different types of windows that can be suitable for secondary glazing. However, the specialist consultants at CitySound are always happy to discuss your personal requirements and find a solution to meet your needs.

Whether your windows are hinged, lift outs, sliding, magnetic, fixed or shaped, there will be a secondary glazing solution for you.

For many people, sash windows and leaded windows in particular are an integral part of the aesthetics of your home. Made from one or more movable panels or ‘sashes’ and often made up of smaller panes separated by glazing bars, sash windows can be incredibly costly to repair or update. By using secondary glazing, you can enjoy exceptional thermal insulation, noise reduction and security, without needing to replace your existing windows…and most importantly, without losing the appearance you fell in love with.

Period or leaded windows can also play a huge role in maintaining the aesthetic value of your home, particularly in period properties. It may even be a legislative obligation to maintain the existing windows. Once again, secondary glazing offers the perfect solution.

So all that’s left, is spending the money you saved on dressing your windows!

That does not just have to mean curtains or blinds. You can make a statement on the inside as well as the outside of your home with a whole range of different treatments. Partial mirrors hanging or framing your windows can optimise space and light. Beads, frames, screens, lace, cut-out panels, adhesive films or contemporary window gardens can all be a personal and eye-catching touch.

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