The glorious rays of sunshine that we all love and worship are packed full of vitamin D which makes us feel positive. So, it only makes sense to have bright rooms that make us feel happier and more alive!

Larger windows have many benefits;

They allow you to bring the outside in, giving your home the sense of extra space and views in a panoramic perspective. If you have a picturesque view, you can turn your window into a moving and ever-changing art piece and allow the outside to become part of your decor.

Bigger windows mean more heat. During the winter they can give surprising warmth to your room thanks to passive solar heating.

The larger space gives the interior designer in you more of a blank canvas to work with, allowing more options to play with that will complement the decor of the rest of the room.

Floor to ceiling windows are perfect for maximising these factors, just like in this gorgeous bedroom, the large panes encourage all these benefits.

Let there be light!

Removing heavy and dark curtains is essential when you want to invite more natural light into your room, they can often get in the way on each side of the window, so you lose out on the valuable sunshine.
Blinds and shutters give you total control over how much light you let into your room. Depending on your mood and the location of the sun, you may want to have these half open, giving your room an even amount of light throughout, instead of the annoying beam of light you get from curtains.

Unique windows for your unique property

The decor and style of your rooms are vitally important. They give your home a personality and character. In terms of the windows, there is a myriad of different designs and possibilities, giving you even more opportunities to allow your creativity and imagination run wild when it comes to designing your home’s interior.

The larger the windows, the more choice of design you have. Older properties would accommodate sash windows nicely, whereas newer properties may warrant using larger single panes. Whatever the choice you make, the customisation doesn’t have to end there…

Dress your windows with style

Windows can often be forgotten about, and the blinds, shutters and doors can dress your windows in the style of the rest of the room.
Roller blinds are a perfect way to ensure consistency with colour schemes. The smooth surface once lowered, cover the windows which blocks most of the light, and can give the appearance that the wall is sold and doesn’t even have any windows.

Or on the contrary, roller blinds can add depth or texture to your empty walls which can break up the room giving it more substance. The colour of the blinds can be incorporated within the room’s colour scheme to create a sense of uniformity, which can often be the finishing touch to bring the room together.

This kind of application is ideal for contemporary environments where minimalism is the focal point, just like in this stunningly simple bedroom.

No matter what your tastes are, there is a multitude of options for your windows, blinds, shutters and doors. All you have to do is get creative!