Planning permission might sound like a daunting prospect and a potential obstacle in the journey to achieve your perfect home. You might have heard horror stories regarding long waits and ultimately a disappointment.

Windows can be a key feature of your home, not just in letting in light, but in enhancing the appearance and aesthetics of your home. You might be wondering if you need planning permission in order to enhance, upgrade, move or indeed build new windows.

The team at City Sound have been investigating, to try and address any questions or concerns regarding the matter.

Do I need planning permission?

The Government outlines that you will likely need planning permission if you are looking to:

  • Build something new
  • Make a major change to your building, eg building an extension
  • Change the use of your building

But what about my windows?

You are unlikely to need planning permission in order to repair, maintain or make minor improvements to your windows. In addition, if you are looking to replace your windows with those of similar size or appearance, you are unlikely to require planning permission.

However, should you be looking to introduce a skylight or roof light, you will probably need to seek permission. In addition, bay windows are often classified as an extension and require you to apply for planning permission.

Building Regulations

So although you may not be required to seek planning permission, you should be aware that since 2002, building regulations apply to all replacement glazing. This is to ensure safety, thermal efficiency and a range of other factors are taken into consideration. This requires work to be carried out by a registered installer or you must seek approval from a relevant Building Control Body.

What if I live in a period or listed property?

If you live in a listed or period property, you will require listed building consent to make any alterations to your windows. You might also be keen to retain the character charm they afford your home. There may be a variety of reasons that you are looking to upgrade or replace your windows.

You might be looking to enhance the thermal efficiency of your home, reduce noise or increase security. Secondary glazing can be the perfect solution in a number of these instances, particularly for those in listed buildings – and in some cases, may overcome the need or at least help in your request for the relevant permissions.

Especially those in listed buildings, who can enjoy all the benefits of increased warmth, better security and less noise pollution, without having to sacrifice your existing characterful windows.

For more information regarding planning permission and building regulations in relation to doors and windows, you can see the Planning Portal’s guide here.