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You may have heard of secondary glazing, but have you heard the right things? For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, there are plenty of secondary glazing myths going around, and they’re having negative consequences for homeowners who may otherwise benefit from having them installed at their properties. After all, if you’ve only got incorrect information, then you’ll probably make an incorrect decision!

But fear not, because we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll run through some of the most common myths surrounding secondary glazing — and ensure that you have the correct information. 

You Can’t Install Them On Listed Buildings

Living or working in a listed building can be wonderful, but there are often some downsides that can dampen the experience. For example, you generally can’t install double-glazed windows (because it’ll impact the exterior aesthetics of the building), which makes the property pretty difficult to heat during the winter months. 

So what about secondary glazing? The fact is that you can install secondary glazing at historic and listed buildings, in the majority of cases, anyway. Get in touch with City Sound Glazing today, and you could be enjoying a warmer, quieter, and all-around more enjoyable life in your listed property in no time. 

It’s Not A Substitute For Replacing the Window

If a property’s windows are becoming draughty and presenting other issues, most homeowners believe that they only have one option: to replace them. But that’s not the case. It can be far more effective to install secondary glazing than replace all of a property’s windows. For one thing, it’s cheaper since you’ll be saving the original windows. And second, it’s less disruptive. 

If you’ve ever replaced a home’s windows, you’ll know that it can be a frustrating and time-consuming endeavour. Secondary glazing offers a quick and easy solution without any reduction in performance. 

They’re Unsightly and Bulky

If you’d seen the secondary glazing options available in the 1960s, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that they weren’t the right option for homeowners eager to preserve the aesthetic qualities of their properties.

However, that was only true back in the 1960s. The world has come a long way since back then! Technological advances mean that not only is secondary glazing functionally effective, but it also looks great. With a sleek and subtle modern design, today’s secondary glazing enhances a property’s appearance, not detracts from it. 

They Have No Place in the 21st Century.

We can’t see why people say this because, if anything, they have more relevance in the 21st century than they did in the past. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the news — or their bank balance — will know that we’re living through something of an energy crisis at the moment. As such, many people are looking for ways to keep their energy bills down as much as possible. And that’s just what secondary glazing offers. It can reduce heat loss by up to 65%, which means you’ll spend less money heating your home.

Another reason secondary glazing is relevant in 2022: the world is noisier. More cars, more people, and increased urban living mean that more people have to put up with external noise filtering through into their homes. Secondary glazing can help to reduce 80% of the sound, resulting in a more peaceful, enjoyable home — and that’s just what we all need during these times. 

It’s a DIY Job

If you’re looking to add secondary glazing to your property, then you’ll need to get in touch with a professional secondary glazing, such as us here at City Sound Glazing. While there are plenty of DIY projects that homeowners can undertake themselves, installing secondary glazing is not one of them. 

Quality secondary glazing jobs are custom to the property; plus, the installation requires special skills and tools. It takes experience and expertise to properly install secondary glazing without causing damage to the window or the person conducting the installation, so be sure to leave it to the professionals. 


As we said at the beginning of the article, you can only make the correct decision if you have the correct information, so we hope that this article has been enlightening. If you’re interested in adding secondary glazing to your property, get in touch with us here at City Sound Glazing. We’ve been serving London and the wider community since 1967 and have gained a reputation for offering an exceptional level of service to our customers. You can join our long list of happy customers by giving us a call at 020 8523 3210.