Knowing which secondary glazing system is the right one for your windows is not just a case of simply picking from a list. The size and shape are among many factors that will identify which one will produce the benefits you are looking for.

Horizontal Sliders, Vertical Sliders, Fixed Lift Out units and Hinge units are the four main choices available and each one can be used individually or combined to produce the desired effect, whether that be for insulation, aesthetically or just for ease of use.

Below we are going to review some of the more common window styles and which secondary glazing system is most likely to be the best option.

Single Casement

Where there is one piece of glass in the window, we would recommend going for either a Fixed Lift Out panel or a Hinge unit. Fixed Lift Out systems are often installed in external windows that are hardly ever used. They are easy to operate and the panel can be removed completely if necessary. Hinge systems can either be hung from the top or the side. The windows open inwards and so how these interact with the blinds or curtains also needs to be taken into consideration. They come in two styles; Slimline or heavy-duty depending on glass type and thickness needed.

Section Windows

If you want to install secondary glazing into windows that are comprised of 2, 3 or 4 separate sliding sections, then a Horizontal Sliding system may work best for you. These work particularly well with Crittall Windows. Similar to single casement windows, there are two options for this kind; Slimline or heavy-duty depending on glass type and thickness needed.

Sash Windows

The opening mechanism on a sash window slides up and down and as such, a Hinge unit or Vertical sliding system is most likely the best option. We would also recommend looking at our exclusive Easy Clean system. Its slim profile blends in perfectly with the master frame, and cleaning is made practical through the design of the recessed handle to the bottom sliding pane.

Bay Windows, Awning Windows, Arched and more

No matter what style of window you have, there is likely to be a solution we can provide for you. There have been many cases in the past where we have installed secondary glazing for double glazed windows. If you are unsure whether your window can be secondary glazed, then get in touch and we will be happy to talk through your options.