Energy Saving With Thermal Insulation

Use of Secondary Windows to improve building thermal insulation

There are important reasons to reduce energy consumption in our buildings through improved thermal insulation. In terms of energy saving, windows are the prime area in which heat loss can be prevented. Single glazed windows are poor insulators and heat loss is exacerbated if the window does not have effective seals.

The UK & its government have made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions. Buildings account for 44% of the total and are therefore a prime target.

Why secondary glazing?

  1. Secondary glazing can be fitted to improve thermal insulation as well as eliminate draughts. Efficient secondary glazing can improve the thermal performance of a window by more than 60%.
  2. Secondary glazing can reduce condensation.
  3. Secondary glazing will help make your home more energy efficient and help save you money on your fuel bills. The cost of heating homes or building is rising all the time, so the sooner you fit secondary glazing, the sooner you can benefit.
  4. Use of secondary glazing can help meet the standards set in Part L of the Building Regulations.
  5. Secondary Glazing does not change the character of the facade and so is ideal for listed buildings or those in conservation areas. English Heritage guidelines advocate the use of secondary glazing.
  6. Energy Performance Certificates will define a building’s Energy Rating and become a factor in property valuations in times to come.

All City Sound’s products have been wind tested to meet the British Standards.