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City Sound manufactures its own secondary glazing windows. We specialise in aluminium frames only, powder-coated standard white.  This can be customised to match existing décor if necessary.

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Why choose us

Working in this industry for over 50 years makes us one of the oldest existing specialist companies.  We have built a very strong reputation for being knowledgeable and transparent with excellent quality and after-sales service.

We are a family-owned company focused on every client and their specific needs.

08. Commercial secondary glazing (Sliding widows) fitted. Glazed with thick acoustic glass for noise reduction (Sloane Square, London)

We provide Secondary Glazing in Bermondsey With The Strongest Guarantee

If you’re looking for secondary glazing in Bermondsey then look no further!

We provide you with the highest quality, well built secondary glazing – guaranteed!

Whether you have thermal insulation problems or pesky, loud neighbours, our secondary glazing solutions will alleviate all of your woes!

Our Certified Professional Secondary Glazing Fitters are At Your Disposal

At your appointment time, our certified secondary glazing fitters will arrive with everything that they will require to do the job as swiftly and professionally as possible!

All of our fitters use methods that are in accordance with industry standards. This in turn helps to significantly decrease the risk of the secondary glazing not doing its job.

Our goal is to give you long-lasting comfort as well as peace. The installation of secondary glazing will greatly reduce noise as well as help with thermal insulation. 

07. Commercial secondary glazing (Sliding widows) fitted. Glazed with thick acoustic glass for noise reduction (Sloane Square, London)

Secondary Glazing FAQ’s

Does Secondary Glazing actually work?

Secondary glazing is an excellent, cost effective way of reducing the amount of external noise entering your home through your current windows. This simple and cost-effective treatment can increase sound insulation. This means your home will be quieter and you will sleep more peacefully. In other words, yes, it does work! Secondary glazing is also extremely effective for thermal retention and draught exclusion.

Does Secondary Glazing add value to my house?

Secondary glazing can greatly increase your home's value. If your home is older and not performing well, it may be worth considering investing in new glazing options. This will increase its appeal to potential buyers as well as allow it to sell at a higher price. Selling a property that is quiet and warm adds to the appeal.

If my Secondary Glazing breaks, who can fix it?

The Glazier who installed your secondary glazing should have a well-documented warranty on their work. Meaning they should be able to fix it for you. We here at City Sound proud ourselves on our craftmanship as well as the quality of our products, if any problems arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Secondary Glazing for Listed Buildings Bermondsey

A building listed under the law is protected and Listed Building Permission may need to be obtained before any modifications can be made. Not all repairs will require consent. Please get in touch with your local authority and make enquiries as to whether you need permission to install secondary glazing.

Sash Windows (Vertical sliding) Bermondsey

Sash windows, also known as “Vertical sliding windows”, are the most popular window type. Secondary glazing sash windows are also very popular.

Our sash windows consist of two panels, one at the top and one at the bottom. They are counter balanced with pre-tensioned springs that hold the panels’ weight. The window can be opened in any direction and the panels can be operated easily.

Horizontal Sliding Windows Bermondsey

Horizontal sliding windows, which can be made side to side, are the most versatile style. They can be manufactured with either 2, 3, or 4 sliding panels. This type of secondary glazing matches perfectly with Crittal windows. Individual sliding panels can slide effortlessly, providing unimpeded access to external windows.

All of our windows sections are made from aluminium and powder-coated white. You can customize frames to match your decor with a different colour or finish.

Fixed Lift Out Bermondsey

Fixed lift out windows are an alternative to screw-fixed units. They have a removable glass panel that can be lifted from the master frame and accessed through the external windows.

This type of window is used for external windows that are rarely used, or in offices with air conditioning where cleaning between windows is necessary.

Casement (Hinged) Secondary Glazing Bermondsey

Our hinged (casement) windows can be side- or top-hung. This design allows easy access to outer windows or doors.

This type of window is popular in hospitals, surgery rooms, and laboratories because it has minimal dust ledges, tight seals, and is easy to clean.

Things to do in Bermondsey

Photo Courtesy of: Anna Newman

Galleywall Nature Reserve

Address: 1-11 Galleywall Rd, London SE16 3PB, UK

Main Phone: 07943 373720

Visit the Galleywall Nature Reserve Website

View Galleywall Nature Reserve on Google

Latitude: 51.4901203

Longitude: -0.0599601

Did you know that Galleywall Nature Reserve rates 4.1/5 based on 30 total ratings?

Reviews for Galleywall Nature Reserve
Steven Garwood

Steven Garwood


2 years ago

Scout trip - interesting inner city nature reserve

recep alev

recep alev


2 years ago

İt's closed all the time just open for school kids

Dee Dub

Dee Dub


3 years ago

Brilliant place to meet the community and get your young people and kids involved in learning about their local nature

Photo Courtesy of: Sean Eamon Cappone

St James’ Church, Bermondsey

Address: Thurland Rd, London SE16 4AA, UK

Main Phone: 020 3643 2327

Visit the St James’ Church, Bermondsey Website

View St James’ Church, Bermondsey on Google

Latitude: 51.4970076

Longitude: -0.0667544

Did you know that St James’ Church, Bermondsey rates 4.5/5 based on 95 total ratings?

Reviews for St James’ Church, Bermondsey
C Okoh

C Okoh


3 weeks ago

Very airy and welcoming church. Attended a college event here and the expansive grounds looked lovely, bathed in warm autumn sunshine.

Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw


4 months ago

Iconic building within it's own beautiful grounds. Landmark. Well worth a visit if in the area. Its sheer class will endure while all around will one day collapse.

Sean Eamon Cappone

Sean Eamon Cappone


a month ago

Amazing pastor and community. Congratulation!

Photo Courtesy of: Philip Buttery

Shuttleworth Park

Address: Shuttleworth Park, Anchor St, London SE16 3LS, UK

Main Phone: 020 7525 2000

Visit the Shuttleworth Park Website

View Shuttleworth Park on Google

Latitude: 51.4917525

Longitude: -0.0612959

Did you know that Shuttleworth Park rates 4/5 based on 60 total ratings?

Reviews for Shuttleworth Park
Alexandru Iulian

Alexandru Iulian


4 months ago

Brilliant team, very good quality of service and food.

Alison jayne Smallman (Alison j)

Alison jayne Smallman (Alison j)


4 months ago

Lovely little park to stop off at on the way home from shopping.

Robert Johnstone

Robert Johnstone


2 months ago

Peaceful clean place to stop and think

Photo Courtesy of: Virág Sági-Kiss

The Bermondsey Lion

Address: 8 Market Pl, London SE16 3RW, UK

Main Phone: 07984 416269

Visit the The Bermondsey Lion Website

View The Bermondsey Lion on Google

Latitude: 51.4923147

Longitude: -0.0635681

Did you know that The Bermondsey Lion rates 3.5/5 based on 8 total ratings?

Reviews for The Bermondsey Lion



a year ago

Looking around and was just passing through the area and saw this nice statue of a lion. There are loads of shops in this area and the roads where not that busy in the afternoon.

julian ellison

julian ellison


2 years ago

It is a nice little place. I just love the vibes in this area,its like a passing place.

Real McCoy

Real McCoy


2 years ago

Always Crimes , Stabbing around this place!

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