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Care and repair of your period property windows

If you are fortunate enough to live in a period property, caring for the original features in your home can be key in ensuring you retain the rustic charm and character you fell in love with. In fact, it can even be a legal obligation. Windows can be the perfect looking glass into the history of your period home. Holding onto this passage to previous times, whilst enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern amenities can be a challenging compromise. However, secondary glazing can be the perfect solution to addressing a number of common challenges with period windows. 

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Noise Pollution; The Facts

Noise is one of those funny things. What might sound pleasant and comforting to you and I, could be completely unpleasant to another. However, regardless of opinion, no one should be prevented from their right to enjoy their home or experience stress as a result of noise.

But what is considered noise? What can I do about it? Who should I talk to?

Noise is defined by the Law and Your Environment organisation as:

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Why secondary glazing as opposed to double glazing?

There could be any number of reasons why you might be considering updating and improving the windows in your home or business. Perhaps the heating bills are continuing to creep up year after year. Or the noise from next door has finally proven too much. You might even be aiming to add value to your existing property.

You might be looking to alternatives to double glazing that could prove cheaper, more efficient or even suitable for listed or period properties. Secondary glazing may well be exactly what you’re after.

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Explaining Window Energy Ratings

When you are looking to invest in new windows, it can be difficult to understand the pros and cons of different types, particularly when it comes to the WER (Window Energy Rating).

The type of window you choose is important because it can save you money, so it's important to be as informed as possible before you make this big decision. Understanding what WER is will stand you in good stead when it comes to making the right window choice.

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What Everyone Needs To Know About Reducing Heat Loss In The Home And Saving On Heating Bills

Keeping your house warm can be a bit tricky, and often expensive. Turning the heating up or making energy efficient home improvements can be really expensive, but often necessary in order to keep warm. However, that doesn't mean you don't have a choice of how to spend your money when it comes to saving on heating bills. There are plenty of different ways for you to improve your energy efficiency, enabling you to have the choice to make both short term and long term improvements based on your personal budget and preference.

Here are lots of great ideas to get you started:

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Increase Your Property Security with Secondary Glazing

Unfortunately, through social media, news stories and word of mouth, most of us hear terrible stories of residential break-ins at least once a week. Hearing these stories is always scary and serves as an unnerving reminder that we are all potential victims for this horrific type of crime.

Secondary glazing is a product that can provide the homeowner with a high level of property security without the visual issues many alternative security solutions can have.

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The 10 Most Popular Heritage Sites To Visit In Britain

If you're considering where to go on a day out, and simply can't choose between the many stunning locations Britain has to offer there's no need to worry, we've done all the hard work for you! All the locations below are listed buildings, and we've brought you plenty of practical listed buildings advice so far, so we thought why not bring you a guide on the best ones to visit and enjoy for yourself?

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The History and Grades of Listed building

Over 370,000 buildings now have listed status in the UK, protecting them from development without authorisation.  This is a far cry from the situation at the start of the Second World War when very few buildings had that status.  The devastation caused by German bombers changed that situation dramatically.  The sheer amount of destruction to the historic environment prompted a decision to conserve as much as possible of what remained.  A listing of buildings regarded as being of architectural merit was created, and new additions to the list are made regularly. 

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Damp and Listed Buildings

Damp patches can occur in any historic building.  It can appear on both exterior and interior walls. This is not a major problem as it can be dealt with quickly and easily.  All it takes is some simple maintenance and understanding of the nature of historic buildings. The first step is to carry out a building check.  Are the gutters blocked?  Are overflows or drainpipes causing a problem?  Often minor repairs and cleaning are all that is needed to deal with damp caused in this way.

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