Does secondary glazing reduce heat loss?

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As we delve deeper into autumn and the first threats of winter start to peek over the horizon, the heating begins to click on across the country, windows are firmly fixed shut and kettles are boiling on overtime.  
But with energy bills on the rise and the ongoing expense of heating your home, you’ll want to be sure that all that lovely warmth stays ensconced in your home; and the chilly evening air stays safely outside.  

Windows are one of the primary places where heat can be lost from the home and cold air can make its way in. Particularly if you’ve got outdated, listed or period windows. You may even be able to feel the gentle stream of cold air creeping in around the edges.  
If this is the case, it’s probably the perfect time to consider a more effective glazing solution. After all, you could be losing up to 20% of your homes heat through single glazed windows. You might turn to double glazing as a means to end your battle against the cold, but installation could be incredibly expensive, disruptive and you will likely lose the charm and character your existing windows afford your home – especially those of you lucky enough to have original, period or listed features.  

The perfect alternative if you want to avoid these potential problems, is secondary glazing. The process of fitting a separate, complementary additional pane of glass alongside your existing windows. In particular, this is the ideal solution if you are faced with limitations protecting your listed property features, or if indeed you want to keep the existing styling you are proud of. 
Secondary glazing can not only eliminate any pesky drafts, but improve the thermal efficiency of a window by more than 60%! So you can be safe in the knowledge your home will stay warm and cosy throughout the winter period and you’ll be making the most of your energy expenditure.  
Not only this, but secondary glazing also acts as a superb barrier against noise pollution, so traffic noise, nuisance neighbours and the chitter-chatter of passers-by will be a thing of the past. As well as being a highly economical alternative to double glazing. So you can be safe in the knowledge you’re protecting your bank balance as well as your lovely warm home.  
It also avoids a great deal of the disruption which can come with fitting entirely new windows. As we’ve mentioned before, it also offers a solution for those of you with period windows who do not have the option of installing completely new units.  

So whether you want to protect those pennies, reduce noise pollution, or crucially help increase the thermal efficiency of your home – secondary glazing will ensure you’re all enjoying the cosy winter evenings in your nice warm homes.  
If you have any further questions regarding secondary glazing, or want to know how it could work for you and your home, the friendly expert advisors at City Sound will be only too happy to help. Call them for a chat on 020 8523 3210.