Could your home still benefit from a government 'Green Deal'?

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The Government Green Deal is a scheme which has received heavy media attention and prolonged debate since its launch in 2013. Hailed as ‘transformational’ by the government upon issue, is last year caused a second shake-up as the government announced that funding would be ceased in min 2015.  
However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from the scheme! We’ve been exploring what exactly the Green Deal is and whether it could still be a good solution to help improve the energy efficiency of your home; and vitally keep you warm in the winter months!

What was the Government Green Deal?  

The Green Deal was introduced by the government to offer a way for British homeowners to help spread the cost of making energy efficiency improvements to their homes. In summary, the scheme allowed eligible households to borrow the money to make home improvements designed to increase thermal efficiency, which was then payed back alongside energy bills, arguing the cost would be covered by the savings these home improvements would afford the household, with loan repayments added to existing electricity bills.  

How did it work?  

Potential applicants to the scheme would need to start by having an assessment carried out by a legitimate Green Deal assessor. Following a visit to the home, the assessor would supply a Green Deal Advise Report, which outlined how you might benefit, the likely costs and recommended measures. The applicant could then choose to have the work carried out by a legitimate Green Deal provider – who could advise on the best finance plan to support repayments. Repayments should never cost more than the savings made on energy bills.  
One important thing to note – the Green Deal stays with the property even if you move out. Once you move, you no longer benefit from the improvements, so no longer pay for them.

How will it affect me if I move into a property with a Green Deal? 

If you move into a home which has had improvements made using the Green Deal, you will be responsible for the repayments. Your landlord or seller will be obligated to share the Energy Performance Certificate with you.  This will detail what improvements have been made and what you will be due to pay for the benefit.  

How will the changes affect me as an existing Green Deal user?

 There will be no change to your finance plan or set-up. If you’ve already had improvements made, your provider is obliged to honour any finance agreement established.  

Can I still get a Green Deal?  

If this sounds like a scheme that might have been of interest to you, you’ll be pleased to hear you can still benefit from a Green Deal. Some providers are still financing the scheme themselves and you can search for possible providers here.  
If you still have questions regarding the Green Deal, how it will affect you as an existing supplier and if you might still benefit, you can find official contact details on the government site here